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War Battle Games is Located in Downtown Fullerton, California. We serve the miniature gaming community here in the United States Territory.

Our Team specializes in Warhammer Miniature Games, and we are a verified Games Workshop Independent Retailer. We offer the best tactical battle board games in the world! 

Join our community here in the United States. Let's play!

About Warhammer:

Warhammer is a hobby, a world, a community, and much more! Players like to collect, build, and paint armies from various rich universes before pitting against each other in tabletop board games, skirmish combats, and epic tabletop battles.

Black Library Original Warhammer Novels and short stories submerge you in Warhammer's history, legends, and worlds! Enjoy their Action, Fantasy, Horror, Crime, Drama, Epic Battles and much more. The Black Library books have fantastic, massive story arcs and legendary characters. Let's Read!

To Play: Get ready to read fantastic stories and identify the Warhammer rules that, with your fantastic comprehension and tactical thinking, will get you prepared for game time.

Building your army, modeling, and painting miniatures requires skill, creativity, and imagination. Let's be Creative and Paint!

Join the Community: Play in real-life, face-to-face interaction with other Warhammer players. We believe -in person- makes the game more enjoyable :)

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