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Blackshields Transfer Sheet Warhammer Horus Heresy New! WBGames

Blackshields Transfer Sheet Warhammer Horus Heresy New! WBGames

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Warhammer 30K Horus Heresy Blackshields Transfer Sheet

Games Workshop Products: Comes Brand-New!

This transfer sheet contains 829 high-quality waterslide transfers – enough to outfit a sizeable warband of Legiones Astartes Blackshields. These transfers allow you to easily customise your miniatures with detailed imagery, ideal for marking out Blackshields squads who've cast off their old heraldry in favour of newfound battle-brethren.

The sheet includes specific iconography for the Ashen Claws, Dark Brotherhood, Gerasene Host, Third Covenant, and Foresworn warbands, as well as general-use Blackshields icons associated with Loyalists, Traitors, or unaligned corsairs and the lawless Maelstrom. You'll also find a selection of cult glyphs and tactical markings for your Legionless Space Marines, and larger transfers suited for vehicles or banner art.

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