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The End and the Death Volume II HB The Horus Heresy WBGames

The End and the Death Volume II HB The Horus Heresy WBGames

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Type: Novel

Narrative Type: Fiction

Original Language: English

Country/Region of Manufacture: United Kingdom

Book Title: End and the Death: Volume II

Item Length: 8.5in

Item Height: 2.7in

Item Width: 6.1in

Author: Dan Abnett

Format: Hardcover

Language: English

Topic: Science Fiction / Action & Adventure,Science Fiction / Space Opera,Science Fiction / Military

Publisher: Games Workshop, The Limited

Publication Year: 2023

Genre: Fiction

Item Weight: 59.4 Oz

Number of Pages: 752 Pages

Warhammer The Horus Heresy: The End and the Death Volume II -Hardback

Siege of Terra Book 8: Part 2

Volume II picks up right where the first left off, with cataclysmic events building up to an epic conclusion that will shake the very galaxy to its core.


The final battle aboard the Warmaster’s flagship has begun in earnest, as Sanguinius defies his fate and the Dark Gods in an attempt to end his brother’s life, and the war along with it.


Terra is besieged. The outcome of the war lies on a knife edge. The Warmaster Horus’ bloody seven-year crusade has led to this – the cradle of humanity, where he is to kill his father, the Emperor.

With the war at this critical juncture, Sanguinius, primarch of the loyalist Blood Angels, braves the horrors of the Warmaster’s flagship, The Vengeful Spirit, with a single purpose in mind – to slay his brother Horus, decapitate the Heresy once and for all, and stop the forces of Chaos from taking Terra.

But at the whim of a Warmaster fallen so far from grace, the Dark Gods will not make Sanguinius’ task easy. As the war edges towards its explosive, bloody conclusion, events are about to unfold that could either save humanity or plunge it headlong into an eternity of darkness.

Written by Dan Abnett.

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